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Monday, June 6, 2011

Another two week stretch between postings, but we’re moved in

As the title says, I’ve now gone another 2 weeks without posting. I am SUCH a bad blogger. At least I have good news to report—we have been moved in and occupying the house for over a week now, which is pretty darn awesome. Unpacking and decorating is another story...

Anyway, we’ve done quite a bit. For starters, we put up a new light in the kitchen. Crazy, I know. And the light is forever ruined for me because a friend mentioned that it looks like a boob, lol!


Here is the kitchen! As you can see we still have a lot of stuff to put away. And Adam is the WORST at shutting the cabinets, haha



Here are our outdoor solar lights, our new grill courtesy of my mom, and our fire pit—which resulted in the cops and fire department being called on us on our 2nd night here (Welcome to the neighborhood!)


Thanks to my mum for the awesome grill!

And here’s the living room. Please forgive the random crap scattered across the couches, coffee table, and floor. We’re still in the “getting there…” phase of unpacking.

IMG_0964living roomIMG_0969IMG_0970


The green couch in the last picture was a spur-of-the-moment decision. The couch was my aunt Nancy’s couch that she gave to us, and I found a cover for it and decided to move the loveseat into the living room, and I like it. The room is not very feng shui, and I’m not sure how to remedy that—but we had some friends over the second night we spent here and we were all crammed on the one couch, so we definitely needed something else in the room. And my aunt’s couch is possibly more comfortable than our leather couch!

And, finally, the bathroom! I am super proud of the bathroom because I think it had one of the most major transformations of any room. And adding that shower curtain was instantly gratifying because it hides our ugly shower!

IMG_0972IMG_0973IMG_0974bathroom beforeIMG_1177IMG_1178IMG_1179IMG_1180IMG_1182

As a comparison, here are the before pictures of the bathroom:

IMG_0236bathroom before


AMAZING, right? I do plan to do a master before/after post, but I need to finish unpacking the bedrooms first.

Expenses: this is why I was procrastinating about writing this post. I have receipts everywhere and I can’t remember what I’ve added in and what I haven’t. But I’ll do my best…

To start, Adam and I each spent $50 at Stop & Shop getting stuff to get us “started”—butter, eggs, bread, other household items = $100

Then I spent $38.64 at Walmart on a fan and a throw pillow.

-$27.89 on garbage bags and spray-on something or other

-$6.99 on a silverware organizer

-$31.78 on plumbing supplies

-$85 on stuff from Bed, Bath, and Beyond: chip clips, hand towels, a doormat, a pet drying mitt, a hand bag organizer for the closet, a curtain rod and a curtain for our hall closet, hand soap, a full-length mirror, and picture hangers

-$300 between Adam and I for a weed wacker, a kitchen light, and some other random stuff

-$101.86 at Ocean State Job Lot on a lamp, a reed diffuser, aluminum foil, paper plates, a solar light, love seat cover, 2 spare bath rugs, band aids, almond extract, dish towels, ziploc bags, a plunger, a placemat, oven mitts, dog dish, vanilla extract, another rug

-another bathmat for in front of the sink $25

-a potability test for our well $110

===== $9480.73


That’s $800 something dollars since the last time I posted…

I’m going to try not to think about it.

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